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iPal robot

Educational support robot

Are you looking for help to get people acquainted with robots? What will they be able do at home, school or in the office? The iPal robot is a your choice to get started!.

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United Kingdom 

iPal Robot

At 1.03m tall, the iPal robot can talk, move (with Avatar Studio), dance, and display content on its large phone-sized screen. As the newest addition iPal is available in Canada (Ontario) and The Netherlands for special events and keynotes about robots in education.

Support for the right message

One of our robot professionals will always contact you to discuss the purpose of the event and the role that iPal can play. They can:

  • Inform you about the possibilities of the robot
  • Give a demonstration in the use of the robot
  • Program software for the right experience

Ask us what we can do to use the robot effectively.

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