Sawyer barista robot

Robot for coffee

Sawyer, the cobot, belongs to a new generation of robots that can work side by side with people. For example as a barista at an event

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Barista Robot rental

Sawyer has a precision robot arm and an animated face. He was developed to work with human colleagues and performs repetitive tasks. By taking Sawyer’s arm and performing the necessary tasks with them, he can be programmed for the necessary movements. Thanks to built-in sensors, the robot knows when a person is nearby and adapts its behavior.

See how a robot can take care of the coffee.

What if humans and Cobots work together?

The assumption of simple, repetitive tasks by a Cobot gives your employees the necessary time for new challenging as well as more complex and responsible tasks. Your company becomes more flexible, efficient and productive, your processes more scalable and secure. The barista cobot is one of them a good example.

A complete coffee cell, ready for use!

A robot professional always accompanies the robots at your event. The robot specialists take care of the installation and use of the robot. See what the Cobot Café can do for your event. Contact us to experience Sawyer!

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