Speaker David Baum

Innovation, journey into the future

Keynote, immerse yourself in the inspiring world of trends and travel to exciting applications from your own industry.


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David Baum 

“In my keynotes, I take a plunge with you into the inspiring world of trend topics and focus chiefly on the interfaces between correlating movements. I travel with you to exciting applications from your own industry and show you relevant cross-industry approaches for your business area. Together, we view the world from a visionary perspective and explore new horizons.”

Focus Keynote

A Focus Keynote is an individual trend keynote coping with a pre-selected topic which is relevant for your business. All trends will be demonstrated and illustrated on the basis of best practice innovations. In a Focus Keynote we present about 20 to 30 relevant micro-trends embedded into an individually drafted storyline with corresponding macro-trends. The content of the keynote is defined in advance with the speaker.

Visionary keynote

The “Time travel 2030” is a multimedia presentation of a special kind using many live examples and videos on stage. He takes the audience on a journey into the future. This trip begins in the future and ends in the present. On his journey David presents micro-trends and technologies that already exist today and have a strong influence on our daily lives in the future.

His main areas of interest include:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Future Mobility
  • Energy
  • Future Work / Evolving Education
  • Attention Economy
  • Individualisation
  • Urbanisation
  • Sustainability

Countries and languages

Language: German, English
Countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland,

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