Speaker Muriël Serrurier Schepper

Muriël Serrurier Schepper is originally a psychologist. Early in her career she also developed a passion for IT and data. When she set up the Artificial Intelligence Cell for Rabobank, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place; Man and Machine came together.

With her unique background in psychology and her rich experience in data and IT, she is able to bridge the gap between data scientists and the rest of the organization.

In an inspiring and enlightening way, she knows how to express complex issues in understandable language to both the top of an organisation and on the shop floor. Gathering and sharing knowledge is what she likes to do. Not only by giving presentations and training courses, but also with her book Artificial Intelligence In Action. She easily switches from strategic thinking to practical application. Because in the end, you can only create real value with data if you know how to convert it into information that is relevant to your organisation.


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Expertise chatbots and artificial intelligence

Muriel is a much sought-after speaker. She also has her ''feet in the clay'' because, as a programme or project manager, she still carries out data and AI projects (for Shell and Rabobank, among others). This continuous practical experience ensures that her stories are interspersed with anecdotes and that you hear the realistic story.

Working for success

Because she has worked on several chatbot projects, she knows what you have to do to make it a success or to make a well-considered decision not to start with it. Because chatbots are hot, but not always the right solution for your organization. She tells the real story about this as well.

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