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Nils MÜLLER, speaker Visionary keynote

Visionary keynote

Looking for a stirring keynote speaker, whose presentations are a highlight on international and national events?


Nils Müller

Nils Müller is a stirring keynote speaker, whose presentations are discussed as a highlight on international and national events. With his very lively and enthusiastic presentation style, he takes his audience forward in time to 2027. He feels at home on big stages and likes to present interactive elements and live cases. 

Nils has exceptionally wide-ranging experience as a speaker with over 300 keynote presentations. Nils started his career at the IBM Innovation Center. During his Master program in Berlin, New York and Milan 2002, he founded TRENDONE, a company that is specialized in micro-trends and weak signals.

Visionary Keynote 

Join this breathtaking journey into the future. Experience the world’s most important innovations and trends live on stage. On this journey Nils Müller presents micro-trends and technologies that already exist today and have a strong influence on our daily lives in the future.

Lecture Formats:

  • Future journey 2017 with Dr. Futura
  • Overlaps: the future is born on interfaces
  • Transformation by Artificial Intelligence

Countries and languages

  • Language: German, English
  • Countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium


Impression Visionary keynote Nils Müller, A breathtaking journey into the future  – Time travel 2027