Services in Germany

Experience what robots can do for your organization or event.


Robot rentals has several partners in Germany providing services with robots for your innovation event. They speak the local language or English and can also be of service with keynote speakers or workshops

Several keynote speakers

Inspiring speakers; topics such as digital transformation, megatrends or a Visionary keynote on international technological developments.

Robot Barista

Sawyer Barista Cobot

Sawyer, the cobot, belongs to a new generation of robots that can work side by side with people. For example as a barista at an event!

AIMBOT Robot at your event

AIMBOT the autonomous monitoring robot

Built for intelligent inspection, efficient inventory management, safety and security of data centers and power distribution rooms.

Robot at your event

Service robot Cruzr

Integrate the Cruzr robot into your congress or exhibition and have a super experience of robot hospitality!

Humanoid Robot at your event

Social robot Pepper

Integrate the social robot Pepper into your seminar or congress and have a super experience of robot hospitality or a robot on stage!