Boteyes telepresence robot

Boteyes Telepresence Robot

The Boteyes Telepresence Robot is perfect for telecommuters, remote workers and students. Most effective during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It gives people a physical presence in the place where they can’t be in person. The robot drives on wheels and you can control it from any place in the world.

This robot is available in:

United Kingdom

Technical details

BotEyes video communication system is based on WebRTC technology or the customer can use any telecommunication software he likes such as Skype or Google Hangout for example. Skype is available by default on many modern TVs and you can see video from the robot on the big TV screen.

To manage the wheel part BotEyes robot uses a separate computer running Windows 10 IoT Core and using WebSockets services to manage user accounts and to control the wheels base.

Using a separate computer for motion control allows isolation of the tablet function exclusively for video communication and to use for this purpose not only any tablet but even a smartphone without the need to install the robot-specific software. For mechanical attachment of the gadget, this robot uses a special designed holder with adjustable grips. The division of functions between two computers also allows you to use any video messenger you like.

The robot docking station has a unique shape that allows you to catch the robot even if it goes to the dock from the side or does not hit it. It makes manual docking very simple, like in this video. At the same time, the robot also has the ability to automatically install in the dock.