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Robot rent Telepresence robot Beam Pro



A professional telepresence robot for your customer event?

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Robot rent Telepresence robot Beam Pro

BeamPro Telepresence robot

Using a professional telepresence robot you can be ‘telepresent’ at different locations, even when you can’t be there in person. The BeamPro offers telepresence features with a high quality video and sound. Suitable for professional environments and larger groups of people, with high requirements on the performance of the robot. Reliability, stability and communication are all top-notch.

On stage

A professional telepresence robot such as BeamPro is often the chosen to perform on stage if a major speaker can not attend in person. In order to ensure a good standard of interaction with the audience, the BeamPro has the following features:

  • 17 inch screen
  • 6 microphones
  • 2 HD Cameras
  • Software to reduce echo and ambient noise 

Rent BeamPro

The telepresence robot BeamPro is a professional telepresence robot. You can rent the robot for events or temporary use to experience its possibilities.

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