Robint Smart Reception Robot

Robint Smart Reception Robot

The intelligent Robint Smart reception robot is a commercial reception service robot providing optimized interactive experience through functions such as greetings, way leading, inquiry and communication, cruising for service introduction, promotion and display, and security patrol. It can move smoothly and swiftly while avoiding obstacles flexibly and accurately, and communicate in human-like languages to shorten the distance between humans and machines.


This robot is available in:

United Kingdom

Technical details

The greetings function impresses visitors with intelligent services and helps build a good brand image.

Customizable cruising route and multilingual accompanying service introduction. Detailed introduction of customizable contents helps create immersive visiting experience.

18.5-inch large-screen for advertising methods such as videos and pictures

The robot is equipped with a high-definition camera, which transmits images in real time to the backstage for synchronous monitoring and analysis during the patrol process.
It can make real-time face comparison to identify people with crime records, and send real-time warnings if such people are found.

  • Cruising for service introduction
  • Promotion and display
  • Self-assisted elevator taking
  • Way leading
  • Communication and inquiry
  • Automatic recharging