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Rent robot package

Robots for production

Robots for production. Baxter, the co-bot, is one of a new generation of robots that work side by side with people. Baxter can be deployed with little preparation and brings flexibility to your production processes.

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Rent robot package

Sawyer robot

Sawyer has one precision robotic arm and an animated face. The robot is developed to work with human colleagues performing repetitive tasks in production environments. By taking hold of Sawyer’s arm and moving them through the actions you require, he can be programmed to perform just what you need for the task at hand. Through built-in sensors, the robot knows when there is a human in his near vicinity and adjusts his behavior. You can now be acquainted with Sawyer and experience how the robot could help in your production process.

Supervision by robot professional

Supervision by a robot professional. One of our robot professionals will showcase the robot at your event, so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects.They can:

  • Inform you about the functions of the robot
  • Give a demonstration or workshop about the use
  • Explain how a robot can be used as a co-worker in the production processes of small and medium enterprises

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Sawyer for seminars, workshops and educational purposes

Sawyer is a collaborative robot, a cobot. The Sawyer robot was developed and designed to work side by side with people in the production process. Sawye is now available for a demo, presentation or workshop. Call us to discuss availability and possibilities!