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Pepper social service robot

Do you want to experience what Pepper can do for you? Integrate Pepper into your seminar or training days and have a super experience of robot hospitality!

Social service robot Pepper

Pepper is the company robot of Aldebaran, part of the Japanese Softbank. Pepper is the big brother of the world famous NAO. Pepper is completely designed and built to communicate with people. It can’t wash dishes and cook but it can inform and entertain you. This robot is ideal for making contact with people and as co-host on stage!

Deployment Pepper robot

The Pepper robot is 120 cm high, has a screen on its belly and is particularly suitable for:

  • 100+ participants / visitors
  • Podium performances
  • Eye catcher at innovation events
  • In combination with a keynote

Accompanied by a robot professional

One of our robot professionals will always accompany the robots at your event. They can:

  • Inform you about the functions of the robot
  • Give a demonstration of the use
  • Inspire you about how to use robots in hospitality, retail, care sectors

Contact us to discuss how Pepper can create an experience for you!

Pepper robot for a performance at an event

Get an impression of what a Pepper robot can do at your event

Pepper and a technology event

Rent a robot? With Robot-Rentals you discover the possibilities of robotics and new technology. Are you interested in the latest developments and want to organise an inspiration event or have a keynote speech at your event program?

Keynotes about trends, innovation and robots for your event

Keynote speech about trends, innovation and robots at your event

We can contribute to your event by providing experienced keynote speakers about robotics and technology.

Innovation day

Innovation day

Are you organising an innovation event? Robots can make an inspiring contribution.