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Paul McManus, How to integrate AI and robotics into your company

Be the first to dive into AI and robotics. A fascinating speech with robotics assistants, keep the attendees enthusiastic and involved. An interactive discussion about the integration of technology in your company where your employees can ask questions in real time about the latest robot developments and the impact on people and organization.

Janneke Ritchie, speaker robots are coming. Are you ready?

Janneke has a keen eye for the next big thing in technology adoption. She’s a communications, organizational change and IT governance expert with more than two decades of experience in helping organizations. She is committed to finding creative ways for people and robots to work together in the financial services, enterprise IT and healthcare sectors, among others.

Anita van den Hoek, speaker robots and ethics

Keynote speaker robots and ethics As the impact of technology on our lives grows and increases, there are also more ethical issues to discuss.   Request Anita van den Hoek As the impact of technology on our lives and society increases, we should also define an answer...

Torsten Rehder, convincing speaker for Innovators

Torsten Rehder is fascinated by the dynamics involved in trend research. He is an expert at identifying the metalevels of trends and is a highly convincing speaker, focusing his presentations and workshops on knowledge transfer. In his typically Hanseatic style, he responds to the questions of participants with well-grounded specialist knowledge.