With this platform, we generate requests for the deployment and rental of robots and technology for companies around the world.

We work with local partners in the US, Canada, UK and Europe to cover different geographical areas.

If you would like to discuss opportunities for placement of your solutions on this page, please contact us using the button below.

We are always looking forward to new collaborations!


Request for collaboration

I started out as the only partner in our region, so I could start with the ‘Basic Model’. When more partners started to operate in my region I decided to upgrade to the ‘Preferred Model’ and skip the ‘Plus Model’ all together. The leads I received are very promising and definitely worth the money.

We started out with the ‘Preferred model’ right from the start, since we need additional information to follow up. We had some struggles in the beginning in converting the leads to sales, but the RobotRentals crew helped us tremendously with our sales strategy and now we are really happy.

As a recent partner we where skeptical about the pay-per-lead model. We are fine-tuning our sales and our services, since the requests not always fit what we offer. But it gives us great insights in what customers want and that information is very valuable. Since we started with RobotRentals we have extended our services and we feel that we have a better fit with the market.

Interested in a partnership?

We are looking for collaboration with organizations that can provide tech-experiences with robots and/or optionally have keynote speakers. Topics include AI, digitization, robots, new technology with exponential impact. We also work with companies that have robots which can be functionally used in/for retail, healthcare, security, education and manufacturing.

Robot rentals provides quality leads of interested companies for both services.

Our partners

We always look for partners that can do one or more things of the things listed below:

  • Have robots of their own, which they work with
  • Have experience with technology keynotes or workshops
  • Work with cobots (that can also perform at events – optionally)
  • Provide high end performances with robots during an event
  • Work within their own region/country
  • Do a quick and friendly follow-up on leads

Robot Rentals

What we do for you:

  • Create exposure of your company in your region/country
  • Create leads (paid) and exposure for robot at events
  • Create leads (paid) and exposure for robots to hire for a longer time
  • Assist partner with service ideas we already have experienced during the last 4 year


Request for collaboration