bring innovation to life through the use of technology and robots

Innovation is mentioned in many strategy papers and policy plans. New technologies offer new opportunities and change our jobs. But what are we going to use robots for, and what tasks will we still be doing ourselves? How are we going to shape our future? How do we approach this journey towards a new tomorrow?

Working on a culture of innovation

People are fascinated by new possibilities, but sometimes fear is also a factor. Fear for our jobs, fear for the unknowns of a technological future. People need to learn to understand new technology, to experience it and to think about the consequences of using technology. Everyone who experiences, sees, touches or talks to new technology becomes fascinated.

experience, understand, imagine, create model robot rentals

Concept creation

But companies and employees also have many questions. What will be relevant to us? Which technology offers the most opportunities and risks for us? What should I choose? When will it really be useful? We help companies engage in this new world today. When they want to get out of yesterday to take meaningful steps into the world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow; innovation through imagination.

Workshop and robot experience

A perfect way to alert your employees to relevant developments is through an interactive workshop or master class followed by a demonstration of robots and technology. With smaller group sizes (up to 15 people) there will be ample time for interaction, people can ask their questions and there is room for discussion. Our starting point is to always integrate different technologies into the workshops.

Keynotes for understanding technology

To understand the impact of relevant trends and technology development, we have expert speakers who can provide a keynote on the following subjects: Trends, exponential technology and robots, Robots in health and welfare, Robots and ethics, Cobots in the workplace, design thinking for robots, Robot readiness: how to adopt disruptive technologies.

Thinking about the future

Experience tells us that people start to fantasize when they discover and experience the potential of technology. In our view, technology is complementary to almost all our human skills and senses. Our clients increasingly want to integrate technology into their services. We can organise an inspiring innovation day or innovation pop-up to help your teams go forward on this important path.

Create to stay relevant

Rapid developments are so constant that is a challenge to remain relevant. Organizations and people must continue create new ways of working. This creative process requires inspiration and guidance. Knowledge about trends with impact, needs of the target group, sector developments and the organisational vision determine the choices that are made. We help your teams with concept creation using design thinking principles and methodologies.