Rent a robot for events, at the office, in healthcare, in retail

Hospitality, service, monitoring and more. Robots stimulate innovation and renewal. Robot rentals as a start.

Rent Furo-D robot

The FURo-D model is a popular robot with many applications like airports, hospitals and doctor’s offices. The robot supports multiple languages, face tracking and text-to-speech. The robot is very suitable for presentation services on events or fairs. The large tablet allows you to communicate branding and messages to the visitors of your event. The Furo-D robot will position your company as innovative, and it will start lots of conversations. Furo-D will be customized to your needs.

Rent Cruzr Robot

Cruzr is a smart cloud-based service robot that can be used in shops, hotels, airports and other businesses to communicate with customers. The robot platform can be adapted to the company and its environment. With the Cruzr robot you have the possibility to create an experience at an event. Cruzr is used for performances at your reception, for giving route guidance or for telepresence functionality. Cruzr can also conduct or a survey among your visitors. One of our robot professionals will always accompany the robots at your event, so you can rest assured and concentrate on your guests.

Rent Sanbot Robot

Sanbot is a service robot with various presentation and information capabilities enabling it to interact with your customers. With its excellent microphone capabilities, this robot is especially designed to be used in bigger venues and with larger groups of people. The Sanbot robot is ideal for engaging with your audience and conveying your promotional material or message! One of our professionals  will be on site to accompany the robot and will discuss what role Sanbot can have at your event.

Rent Pepper Robot

Softbank’s social robot is an attractive humanoid robot called Pepper. Pepper was designed to be your robot friend and a host at your events. Pepper has emotional capabilities and can give your guests a warm welcome in stores and at tradeshows and receptions. The combination of Pepper’s appearance, voice and gestures provide unique opportunities for you to interact with potential clients. Be inspired by Pepper and find out what Pepper can do at your event.

Robot Rentals, hire a robot to inspire and experience

For many people robots are still an unknown entity. Inspired by films and books, potential clients may have very high expectations or be afraid that robots will take over the world. Robots are already a real part of our lives. Robot Rentals wants to introduce robots to the general public by renting robots for workshops and events. You can experience what robots are already capable of right now and what developments are expected in the near future.

Impression of our contribution with robots on events

Renting a robot is a great way to get your audience and employees into gear for the future. We are your go-to partner for creating great robot experiences. We have serviced over 500 clients worldwide and work together with qualified partners. Robot rentals is the first worldwide robot rental company. We have been first mover in this market since 2015. Please refer to a short impression of some of our events here.


Robots at your innovation day

Do you want to make your innovation day more attractive? We can offer several robots that will inspire your audience and allow them to personally interact with a robot. Many clients have asked us to supply a robot on stage as a co-host, their audiences love it each and every time!


Keynote speech with a robot

Do you want an appealing keynote speech for your event? What about a robot on stage? We have renowned and experienced keynote speakers who will inspire and educate your audience on the impact of robots and other exponential technologies.

Bring innovation to life

People are fascinated by new possibilities, but sometimes there is also fear. People will worry about their relevance in the workplace. Many of us are cautious about the unknown. About what we do not understand. Exponential technologies will create an exciting future nevertheless and innovation starts with understanding and experiencing new technologies! We will help people to fantasize about the use of new technologies in order to create new and relevant services. We help companies that are committed tot taking a step into the world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.