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Bring innovation to life

People are fascinated by new possibilities, but perhaps there is also fear. For their job, for the unknown or that they do not know and understand exponential technology. Innovation starts with understanding and experiencing new technologies before they can fantasize about te use of new technologies in order to create new relevant organization services. We help companies that are committed to the world today (and yesterday) to take a step into the world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


Keynote speech with a robot

Do you want an appealing keynote speech to be made with a robot on stage? We have experienced and passionate speakers about how robots can be used in our lives and at work. 


Robots at your innovation day

Do you want to make your innovation day more attractive? We can offer several robot applications which will inspire your audience, allow them to interact with a robot, or meet a robot on stage. 

Robot Pepper rental

Softbank’s social robot is an attractive humanoid robot called Pepper who is designed to be your robot friend and a host at your events. Pepper has emotional capabilities and can give your guests a warm welcome in stores, and at tradeshows and receptions. The combination of his appearance, voice, the ‘robot body language’ he uses and the tablet fixed to his belly, provide unique opportunities for you to interact with potential clients and give them information. Be inspired by Pepper and find out what he could do at your event. 

Rent humanoid robot

This cute robot is the world-famous humanoid robot NAO from Softbank. NAO is a very special robot with a 25 degree range of freedom which means he can walk, dance, perform martial arts or balance, almost as well as a human can. This entertaining little robot is a real robot friend and inspires people to play games and do a robot dance. Meet NAO to see how he can interact with your customers. 

Robot rental telepresence robot double

The Double telepresence robot gives you a physical presence at a location when you can’t be there in person. With a Double in an office, school or health care setting you can be ‘telepresent’ and move around. The robot is controlled using a simple interface on a computer or tablet. You can get to know the Double telepresence robot whilst running a workshop at an event. 


Robot rental Robot-Baxter-Rental

Baxter is a co-bot that has been developed to work with human colleagues performing repetitive tasks in production processes. The robot has two precision robotic arms and an animated face. By taking hold of Baxter’s arms and moving them through the actions you require, he can be programmed to perform the movements you need to complete the task at hand. You can now get acquainted with the Baxter robot for educational purposes. 

Getting to know robots, Robot Rentals

For to many people robots are still an unknown entity. Inspired by films and books, potential clients may have very high expectations or be afraid that robots will take over the world! But robots are going to be a real part of our lives in the very near future. Robot-Rentals wants to introduce robots by renting them out for workshops and events. You can experience what robots are already capable of right now and what developments are expected in the near future. 

Do you want to use robots for a promotion? A commercial or print campaign is definitely made more attractive and interesting if you use a robot.

Do you want to surprise visitors at an event? Then consider using a robot or offering a technology experience. 

Would you like to try using robots in your organisation? Begin by contacting Robot-Rentals.