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Anita van den Hoek, speaker robots and ethics

Keynote speaker robots and ethics As the impact of technology on our lives grows and increases, there are also more ethical issues to discuss.   Request Anita van den Hoek As the impact of technology on our lives and society increases, we should also define an answer...

Sanbot robot

Sanbot is a service robot with has various presentation and information capabilities enabling it to interact with your customers. With its excellent microphones capabilities, this robot is especially designed to use in larger environments and with bigger groups of people. The Sanbot robot is ideal for engaging with your audience and conveying your promotional material or message!

BeamPro robot for telepresence

Using a professional telepresence robot you can be ‘telepresent’ at different locations, even when you can’t be there in person. The BeamPro offers telepresence features with a high quality video and sound. Suitable for professional environments and larger groups of people, with high requirements on the performance of the robot. Reliability, stability and communication are all top-notch.