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Torsten Rehder, convincing speaker for Innovators

Torsten Rehder is fascinated by the dynamics involved in trend research. He is an expert at identifying the metalevels of trends and is a highly convincing speaker, focusing his presentations and workshops on knowledge transfer. In his typically Hanseatic style, he responds to the questions of participants with well-grounded specialist knowledge.

Nils Müller, speaker visionary keynote

Nils Müller is a stirring keynote speaker, whose presentations are discussed as a highlight on international and national events. With his very lively and enthusiastic presentation style, he takes his audience forward in time to 2027. He feels at home on big stages and likes to present interactive elements and live cases. 

Sanbot robot

Sanbot is a service robot with has various presentation and information capabilities enabling it to interact with your customers. With its excellent microphones capabilities, this robot is especially designed to use in larger environments and with bigger groups of people. The Sanbot robot is ideal for engaging with your audience and conveying your promotional material or message!