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Amy robot

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Experience what Amy can do at your trade show or event.

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Amy presentation robot

Surprise your guests with an extraordinary welcome. An unique experience as they enter your area. The Amy robot welcomes them, supports them in the early stages of their information needs and guides them according to their demands or desires. Connected to your sales tools or pre-programmed with relevant information, the robot selects applications to assist directly or can call the support staff when needed.

A robot for hospitality

Do you want a robot for hospitality task. Amy can be your assistant for :

  • Welcome the customers, lead to the location
  • Information or advertising exposure by display
  • Customized company logo
  • Play music
  • Automatic obstacle detection, navigation, route planning

Accompanied by a robot professional

One of our robot professionals will always accompany the robots at your event, so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects. They can:

  • Inform you about the functions of the robot
  • Give a demonstration of the use
  • Inspire you about how to use robots in hospitality, for instance in the hotel industry, 

Ask us what we can do so you can experience Amy!

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