A.I. Smart Kiosk

A.I. Smart Kiosk

The A.I. Smart Kiosk solves one of the biggest problems municipalities and businesses have, namely staffing.

This robot is available in:

United States of America

Human-to-Computer-Interaction (HCI) with Connect’s A.I. Avatar Kiosk Platform

Connect’s A.I. Avatar Kiosk Platform enables real-time human-to-computer interaction with engaging kiosks that are now touchless in response to COVID-19. These kiosks provide a seamless connection between courts/institutions and their constituents, allowing for eye contact, body language, and non-verbal signals. By capturing real-time analytics and feedback, organizations can improve their services and experiences while saving money and solving staffing problems. The kiosks come with customizable dashboards and video conference platforms that enable remote connections with visitors, and one worker can control and monitor multiple kiosks. Avatars and kiosks get smarter with use, and the Connect platform allows for easy knowledge-sharing between kiosks. Choose from a variety of kiosk models or opt for custom hardware solutions.