AMY-A3 autonomous mobile robot

AMY-A3 Autonomous Mobile Robot

The AMY-A3 Autonomous Mobile robot supports multi-scenario, non-contact and high-precision body temperature measurement, which minimize the risk of cross-infection. While the temperature measurement data is collected, the intelligent epidemic warning system is linked. If the body temperature exceeds the normal value, an audible alarm will be sent immediately and the staff will be notified.


This robot is available in:

United Kingdom

Technical details

Nano-level purification: efficiently filter out harmful substances. HEPA filters are able to filter out small particles larger than 20 nanometers, including bacteria, dust, and some viruses.

AMY-A3 collects comprehensive environmental information using a multi-sensor fusion localization scheme and assisted by dynamic optimal path planning algorithm AMY-A3 is able to achieve high-precision navigation and localization. User may customize broadcasting contents and route, AMY-A3 will perform the task accordingly.