B1 Research and Security Robot

B1 Research and Security Robot

The B1 Research and Security Robot is an incredibly durable industrial-grade robot. The device boasts impressive stability even on rough terrain, can walk up and down the stairs with a step height of up to 20 cm, and the IP68 certification allows it to be used in any weather and even under water.



This robot is available in:

United Kingdom


The B1 can reach a walking speed of 1.8 m/s. Its 4 legs with 12 joints ensure excellent stability on any terrain type, be it sand, grass, a gravel road, or a pile of stones. The knee joint motors have a torque of 210 Nm which allows the B1 to perform complex movements, such as backflips, as well as carry loads of up to 40 kg in the walking mode and up to 104 kg while standing. The body of the robot is highly resistant to water, dust, or impacts.

The robot is equipped with 5 sets of depth cameras providing near spherical viewing angle. The GNSS acquisition, including GPS, BeiDou, and other navigation systems, as well as over-the-horizon communication allow the robot to operate autonomously in places hardly accessible for people. The B1 can work for up to 4 hours on a single battery charge.

Due to its waterproof body, the robot supports fording depth of 1 meter which means it can be employed for under-water exploration.


The B1 is equipped with power interfaces for 5 V, 12 V, 24 V, and 51 V. The robot boasts wide connectivity options including 6 Gigabit network ports, 4 RS-485 ports, 5 USB ports, and 4 CAN ports. It also features a built-in 5G module ensuring remote control and data transmission.

The B1 comes with three NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX boards supporting research programming interface and providing opportunities for secondary development.


Extreme durability and resistance to external influence as well as the capability to work autonomously make B1 an indispensable tool for any activity implying harsh operating conditions.

The robot can be of great help for emergency services. Due to its maximum load capacity of 40 kg, the B1 is capable of cargo transportation over rough terrain to hard-to-reach places. It is perfectly suited for security patrol and inspection of potentially hazardous environments.

The B1 robot is available in black. Its waterproof design and durable construction make it ideal for open-air operation in harsh conditions. The robot weighs 50 kg and its dimensions are 1108 x 461 x 671 mm.