Cruzr Autonomous Humanoid Robot

Cruzr Autonomous Humanoid Robot

Cruzr is a new business robot offering multiple customer service-oriented features. With its wide range of functionalities, Cruzr can work in various industries, such as retail, banking, tourism, hospitality, transportation, healthcare and services. With autonomous navigation, powerful integrated chatbots and IoT connection, Cruzr provides rich, smart and efficient interactions with end users.

This robot is available in:

Belgium Germany The Netherlands United Kingdom

Technical details

  • Infrared Camera – Cruzr uses infrared thermal imaging to monitor temperatures of up to 10 people at a time and 150 people every minute. The smart camera can also detect mask wearing status and issue a voice alert when identifying improperly protected individuals.
  • Intelligent Consultation Service – Cruzr provides customizable voice enquiry on pandemic information consultation which can be standardized and updatable from backend over cloud service.
  • Remote Centralized Control System – With its cloud-based robotic operating system, Cruzr can set up multi-point broadcasting, real-time video surveillance, and predefine patrolling schedule.
  • Video Conferencing – With built-in 13MP HD Camera, Cruzr provides real-time remote communication via video or voice call after being connected to PC or mobile phone.
  • Humanoid Design with Flexible Arms – Cruzr moves like a human and can greet visitors, shake hands, move around, dance, and even hug.
  • Voice Recognition & Interaction – Cruzr recognizes people by voice, turns to face them when they speak, and can immediately reply. Cruzr can also engage in casual conversation.
  • SLAM (Simultaneous Localization & Mapping) – Cruzr works like a mobile map, with smart localization and a mapping function that can guide you anywhere.
  • Facial Recognition – Cruzr can recognize customers accurately and respond accordingly.
    Video Surveillance – Cruzr’s video surveillance system and autonomous security-patrolling skills send out alert notices via APP, recording video to keep your business protected 24/7.
  • Automatic Self-Recharging – Cruzr’s battery provides 5-8 hours of active use. When its battery is low, Cruzr will automatically return to its self-recharging dock.