Furo-D Event Robot

Furo-D Event Robot

Looking to draw lots of attendees to your booth to get more leads and sales? Want to be the talk of the show at the next event? Then you’ll want to rent the FURo-D event robot, which will be customized just for you.

This robot is available in:

United States of America

Robot for trade shows and events

Join Shell, Canon, Mitsubishi, Amgen, Novartis, and more who’ve rented the #1 talking and moving avatar robot. Great for tradeshows, corporate events, and wherever you want to get attention, acquire leads and have fun.

Features and Rental Ideas

  • Your logo on the robot
  • Customized experience on 32” screen, your pics, video, branding, etc.
  • Robot moves around booth and event
  • Robot talks – programmed as you wish
  • Photo Booth, robot takes pictures of attendees
  • Robot tells Jokes & dances with attendees/guests
  • Give away prizes on robot prize wheel or slot machine
  • Scan badges and then robot says attendee’s name

Accompanied by a robot handler

One of our robot handlers will accompany the robot at your event. They will:

  • Unpack, set-up the robot and then return the robot
  • Be by the robot at all times, moving and controlling robot and making sure you get lots of leads and everyone has fun

Note : This robot can be rented for 1 day up to 1 month