iPal 2 humanoid robot

iPal 2 humanoid robot

iPal 2 humanoid robot is a fully functional robot that is 3½ ft/1.03 m tall. It has many motors, microphones, cameras, and sensors (infrared, ultrasonic, and touch) which enable iPal 2 to be aware of its surroundings and interact effectively with humans.

iPal 2 is an open, Android based system with extensions for motion, sensors and natural conversation, allowing a wealth of third-party applications to be delivered on iPal 2.

This robot is available in:

United Kingdom

iPal for education

iPal 2 can be a teacher’s assistant in schools, provide personalized services to children who may need more help, and provide support for home education. iPal 2 presents educational content in an engaging manner that supports social development and encourages interest in science and technology. iPal 2 aids parents in providing their children a better quality of life and a head start in education.

iPal for elder care

iPal 2 is a constant companion that supplements personal care services and has the potential to provide security with alerts for many medical emergencies. As a companion and safety monitor, iPal 2 can facilitate social interaction and companionship for seniors who may not be able to get out as much as they’d like due to physical limitations. iPal 2 can also aid in health and safety monitoring, reminding seniors to take their medication and allowing caregivers and loved ones to check in on individuals through the iPal 2 smartphone app.

iPal for retail/hospitality

iPal 2 can greet customers, entertain and interact with them, and provide information about products, sales, take orders, and much more.