Kebbi Air S educational robot

Kebbi Air S educational robot

Kebbi Air S educational robot is equipped with an 8-core 1.8Ghz processor, greatly enhancing its overall performance and image processing speeds, as well as providing a smooth user experience.

Choose from a range of character skins and eye-catching two-tone ear accessories. It has over 30 pre-installed apps, with more diverse features and software content to come.

This robot is available in:

United Kingdom


Multiple AI functions and sensors to help children develop comprehensive skills

12 free-moving joints, five sensor regions, and over 40 million possible coding block combinations create the perfect interactive learning experience. This allows learning content to be presented in a variety of ways that can spark children’s interest in learning, cultivate their computational and design thinking skills, as well as nurture skills that are vital to success in the 21st century, such as communication, innovation, teamwork, independent and reflective thinking, along with complex problem-solving.

Follows the K-12 education system and curriculum, providing valuable assistance to teachers

From knowledge instruction to interdisciplinary integration, Kebbi Air S can ease the way,helping children to gradually progress towards learning goals according to the needs of different age groups. The robot can also serve as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), alleviating teachers’ workloads and increasing learning efficiency!


Facial recognition and active voice interaction create a personalized experience

Kebbi Air S can chat with customers and visitors in real-time, as well as identify their gender and age, and provide assistance with a wide range of expressions and body movements.

The robot can be used to welcome and attract customers, introduce products, as well as greet or receive guests, providing a unique and engaging service experience.

Complete development system management and support for enhanced productivity and efficiency

You’ll never need to worry about high human resource costs or difficulties in training again. Using the robot management system, you can remotely manage and update Kebbi Air S in any location, building customized service experiences in real-time.