NAO Event Robot

NAO Humanoid Event Robot

This humanoid event robot, known as NAO, is Softbank’s world famous humanoid robot. The robot is very special with 25 degrees of freedom so he can can walk, dance, do martial arts or balance almost as well as a human can. 

This robot is available in:

Belgium Germany Spain The Netherlands

To get people excited about technology, there is no better way than to let them experience the possibilities. Despite being small in stature (about 60 cm), NAO is big in character. NAO is well suited to attract and keep attention. Not infrequently, our professional speakers use NAO as a sidekick during their lectures, workshops and keynotes. During your event, NAO can talk to your guests, have a dance and he actively invites people to have their picture taken together.

Guidance by robot professional

One of our robot professionals will always accompany the robot at your event so that everything runs as desired and you do not have to worry about it. They will:

  • Inform you about the possibilities of the robot
  • Take care of the event together with you
  • Take care of the installation and proper functioning of the robot
  • Provide control during a stage performance or introduction

The robot is particularly suitable for:

  • 20 – 40 participants/visitors
  • Children and/or people with no experience with robots
  • Performances in combination with workshops (care, education, robots and ethics)
  • Eye catcher at innovation events