Pepe Autonomous Humanoid Robot

Pepe Autonomous Humanoid Robot

Intelligent humanoid mall center, welcome and reception service robot.


This robot is available in:

United Kingdom

Main features

The robot equipped with a sensor which can sense the human body when they are close to it, It will actively interact with the visitor, such as broadcast promotion information, or greeting, play video, etc, You can custom any information content when It interacts with people. It can guide the visitor to different locations after you set the map.

It can handle inquiries, reservations, business settlement (to be customized), such as hotel self-check-in, banking business consultation, tax department business reservation, etc., hospital visit and guide, telecom business hall as lobby manager, shopping mall promotion, etc. It can do product introduction, advertisement, important information, promotion ad for you,  It can play audio, pictures, video when it is speaking.

The robot can autonomously navigate to different positions to promote different content. Can participate in Awards ceremony, complete the presentation of prizes etiquette work.Can complete all kinds of publicity materials.