Pepper Event Robot

Pepper Event Robot

Pepper is the event robot with a human touch. Pepper is completely designed and built to communicate with people. It will inspire and entertain you and your guests. This robot is ideal for making contact with your guests and will be the perfect co-host on stage!

This robot is available in:

Belgium Germany Spain The Netherlands

Deployment Pepper robot

The Pepper robot is 130 cm high, has a tablet on its body and is particularly suitable for:

  • 100+ participants / visitors
  • Stage performances
  • Being the eye catcher at your innovation event

Accompanied by a robot professional

One of our robot professionals will always accompany the robots at your event.

They will:

  • Make sure Pepper is operational
  • Inform you about the functions of the robot
  • Give a demonstration of the robot’s uses
  • Inspire you to think about how to use robots in hospitality, retail or care