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Robot workshop for an event


Keynote speech for your event

Want to spice up an event with a robot and an inspirational speaker about new technologies?

Keynote (with a robot)

Do you want an appealing keynote presentation with a robot on stage? We have experienced speakers to share their passion, knowledge and experience on this subject.


The speakers from our Robot Academy can provide a keynote on the following subjects:

  • Visionary keynote speach about the most important innovation trends for your company
  • Exponential technology and robots
  • Robots now and in the future
  • Care technology
  • The robot as an employee (Co-bot)
  • Design thinking for robots
  • Robot readiness: how to adopt disruptive technologies

Country and language

  • Countries: Canada, United States, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium
  • Language: German, English, Dutch