Yuki event robot

Yuki is an interactive remote-controlled robot doll that talks to customers and guests. It is remotely controlled and “remotely spoken”. Thus one to one conversations are possible. Yuki drives over events, fairs and congresses. Due to its height of 1.50 metres, it has a considerable size and is conspicuous. The cute robot visualizes technical topics such as electro-mobility, artificial intelligence and digitization.

The robot welcomes guests, drives from table to table or acts as co-moderator on stage.


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Instructions by a robot professional

Yuki is accompanied by a professional puppeteer, who looks after him throughout the entire event.

At the exhibition stands he attracts attention and draws the audience to the stand.

  • Attracts attention
  • Can speak, move his head and ride a bicycle
  • Real one to one conversations
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Topics such as digitizing, AI and electro mobility

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