Yuki Event Robot

Yuki Event Robot

The Yuki Event Robot is an interactive remote-controlled robot doll that talks to customers and guests. It is remotely controlled and “remotely spoken”.

This robot is available in:

Germany Switzerland Austria

Operated by a robot professional

Yuki is accompanied by a professional robot professional, who looks after him throughout the entire event.

Yuki drives over events, fairs and congresses. Due to its height of 1.50 metres, it has a considerable size and is conspicuous. The cute robot visualizes technical topics such as electro-mobility, artificial intelligence and digitization.

At the exhibition stands he attracts attention and draws the audience to the stand.

  • Attracts attention
  • Can speak, move his head and ride a bicycle
  • Real one to one conversations
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Topics such as digitizing, AI and electro mobility